Privacy Policy

Egis Slovakia, s.r.o. obliges itself to process any personal data related to its employees, contractual parties, website users or any other engaged parties, in a safe and confidential manner. Moreover, Egis Slovakia, s.r.o. assures that any personal data are processed in a legal, just and transparent manner, taking all rights of the persons concerned into account.

What kind of personal data can be collected?

The personal data we collect while you use our website mainly include the following:

Data provided, such as:
- name and contact details;
- electronic communication sent to Egis Slovakia, s.r.o.;
- data from the log-in form;
- technical data, e.g. via the usage of cookies, such as:  
- data on the activity at this website, e.g. when completing the forms;
- data on a repeated visit to this website, including the data on the search engine/browser and operational system, the time of visit, visited pages, clicked URL links, your IP address and the websites visited prior and after the visit of this website.

Data from the reports on potential side effects related to our product(s) may also include your personal data, such as gender, date of birth or medical records.

How do we process the obtained personal data?

All data are processed for the following purposes:

Provision of information and services, including:
- job offers;
- tips, useful information and marketing communication related to our products and services. Your data are used for marketing purposes only based on your prior consent, as stipulated by law.

Contact and communication, including:
- response to your request or application (e.g. job application); and
- provision of important notifications and updates, such as modification of our terms & conditions or rules, security alerts and administrative messages.

Company’s business activities, including:
- reactions or responses related to the reports on potential side affects of our product(s) and product safety monitoring;
- compliance with respective laws, regulations and guidelines;
- complying with or meeting requirements of regulatory authorities, governments, courts or prosecuting authorities, and  
- investigation and adaptation of measures against illegal and harmful behaviour of users.  

On what grounds are your personal data processed?

Egis Slovakia, s.r.o. processes personal data in order to:

- meet its contractual obligations: in order to deliver requested product or provide service, Egis Slovakia, s.r.o. is entitled to process your personal data;
- comply with legal obligations and requirements: the Company deems it important to be able to act in accordance with any laws, regulations and guidelines, as well as with any other requirements related to data processing, as these impact the means how Egis Slovakia, s.r.o. carries out its business activities and enable it to guarantee the utmost safety of its products and services.  

Based on the granted consent: In some cases Egis Slovakia, s.r.o. will ask you to grant your consent to process your personal data for the afore mentioned purposes. On a legal basis, the company Egis Slovakia, s.r.o. can have a legitimate interest to process your personal data, e.g. in the case of your participation in an educational event organized by Egis Slovakia s.r.o.. Egis Slovakia s.r.o., as a renowned company operating in the field of health care, has a legitimate interest in organizing such professional scientific educational events at the national or international level, which will be considered continuous education of healthcare workers. 

How long are your personal data kept?

Your personal data will always be kept for the period as stipulated by law and as needed in relation to any legal proceedings or investigation. In any other cases, Egis Slovakia, s.r.o. keeps your personal data:

- as needed and for the period necessary to enable you the access to the services required; if you contacted Egis Slovakia, s.r.o. with a query or request, the Company shall keep your personal data for the period necessary to answer your question or deal with your request / application.

Sharing your personal data within and outside Slovakia

The personal data you provided may be shared with the following parties:

- members of Servier Group,
trustworthy third parties, such as:
- representatives and suppliers, including the providers of technological services – data analyses, hosting and technical support;
- professional consultants, auditors or business partners;  
- regulatory authorities, governments or prosecuting authorities, and
- other third parties in relation to the reorganisation of the whole company or any of its parts.

Your personal data may be processed by Egis Slovakia, s.r.o., its affiliates and other trustworthy suppliers outside your country of residence.

Personal data protection

In order to protect your personal data against unauthorized access, usage, publishing, modification or destruction, we shall use various security measures and technologies in accordance with the valid laws on personal data and privacy protection.

Sending your personal data to Egis Slovakia, s.r.o. via Internet or mobile telecommunication network, may not be completely safe and any such transfer of data is carried out at the user’s own risk.

Rights of affected persons

As an affected person, you are entitled to:

- ask Egis Slovakia, s.r.o. for the access to your personal data, which the Company has at its disposal;
- ask for correction or deletion of your personal data;
- ask for restriction of personal data processing or object to their processing;
- withdraw the consent to the personal data processing;  
- ask for reception or transfer of the personal data you provided to the Company, to another organisation in a machine-readable format, and  
- file a complaint at the local supervisory authority, if your rights for personal data protection are violated or if you suffered damage as a consequence of illegal personal data processing.

In order to exercise your rights, please contact:

Pavel Uhrinčať
tel.: +421 903 556 655

If you do not wish to provide your personal data

You can always decide not to provide your personal data to Egis Slovakia, s.r.o.

If you object to your personal data processing or have previously granted your consent to data processing and now wish to withdraw it, Egis Slovakia, s.r.o. shall respect your will in accordance with its legal obligations.

Contact details

For any questions or queries related to this document or for exercise of your rights, please contact Egis Slovakia, s.r.o. via the contact details listed below:

Pavel Uhrinčať
tel.: +421 903 556 655



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