Egis is a member of Medicines for Europe. Consequently, it must comply with the provisions of the Transparency Rules Chapter of the Code of Conduct of Medicines for Europe, regulating the disclosure of engagements and transfers provided by the members for healthcare professionals, healthcare organisations and patient organisations, and the provisions of the Generic Transparency Code, which implements those transparency rules in Hungary. According to the Generic Transparency Code, Egis must document and disclose on its website all engagements and transfers which it provides, either directly or indirectly, to or with a view to a healthcare professional, healthcare organisation or a patient organisation. Further information: 

Disclosure of Supports/Sponsorships to Patient Organisations  (Code of Ethics for Pharmaceutical Marketing Communications) Further information:

Ethical standards to be followed by Egis

The amended Code of Ethics for Pharmaceutical Communications signed by the four Hungarian pharmaceutical manufacturers' association came into force on 1 July 2017. The aim of establishing the code was to ensure the highest level of protection of patients’ interests, and to ensure that the most stringent rules are in place for the pharmaceutical actors themselves. Further information:

Code of Ethics of the Servier Group: Ethical Charter


EGIS SLOVAKIA spol. s r.o.  -   Disclosure of value transfers

The disclosure of the transfer of values to Healthcare Providers (HCPs) and Healthcare Organizations (HCOs) is part of a transparency initiative developed by the European Federation of Pharmaceutical Companies EFPIA.

The company EGIS SLOVAKIA Ltd. shares and fully supports the objectives promoted by this self-regulatory initiative.

Pharmaceutical companies should work with medical companies to improve the availability of scientific knowledge and improve patient care. This cooperation includes regular work and time engagement by HCPs and HCOs.

This publication has been prepared in accordance with the guideline published on the Transparency Website and the requirements of the EFPIA Code and the GENAS Code of Ethics.

The cooperation recorded in this document includes all transfers of values in the preceding calendar year by Egis as a whole, both locally and internationally.

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