Environment Protection
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Environment Protection

As a company that has a great responsibility towards the environment, our most important environmental protection principle is prevention — and as such we are continuously committed to minimize the impact that our activities have on the environment.

The key elements of our industrial ecology policy are cleaner production, energy rationalization, protection of air quality, noise protection, treatment of wastewater, ground water compensation, and waste treatment. Compliance to the requirements of the IPPC (Integrated Pollution Prevention and Control) licence is of fundamental importance — with our qualification therein being confirmed by the annual audit.

We always strive to employ cutting-edge technologies in the course of our developments and investments—which has led to a significant decrease in our energy and water consumption, and growth in the proportion of our recycled waste over the years.

Another critical aspect of our environmental policy is the environmentally-conscious work of our employees — and as such environment protection training and so-called 'green inspections' in our plants have now become part of our everyday life.

The environment protection-related tasks of our departments are formalised in the Code of Environment Protection and our Environmental Protection Division reports on environment protection on an annual basis. Our 'laboratory of environment protection', located at our headquarters, has been an accredited laboratory since 1998 — with its most important tasks being the operation of the company’s industrial wastewater self-control system and the testing of waste.

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